Waterfront Chance For Something ‘Exceptional’


Not many areas on Long Island have the opportunity to revitalize an area that was mainly used for heavy industry during a bygone era and turn it into a vibrant mixed use 21st century seaport with 28 acres of open space (which is 50 percent of the entire property) for public use including parks, 1.1 miles of waterfront esplanades/walkways, bike path, dog park, children’s playgrounds, boating activities, beach, boardwalk, outdoor seating overlooking the water, restaurants/cafes with housing, commercial retail and entertainment options. Glen Cove has such a vision in front of them. A game changer that is 20-plus years in the making.

As a lifelong local resident of the North Shore and now raising a family here, I would like to see a place that generations to come will enjoy. I have paid careful attention to the supporters of this project and the opposition to this project and I totally understand both sides. What I noticed through the years are that both sides genuinely really have the same wish in mind. Which is to enjoy the lifestyle that the North Shore provides its residents. And that a large portion of the opposition do see the benefits of creating a better use for this underutilized, dilapidated and mainly vacant former industrial land.

The public approval process took place over many years. The forum was there for the public to voice their opinions and ultimately the public had a tremendous say in shaping the plan that was approved to move forward with, which is a credit to the elected officials who recognize that this new development is the right thing to do for Glen Cove residents. And that is the key. It is time to move on and now come together as a community to make this waterfront development truly something special. After years of public hearings it is time to progress the vision.

Residential use is a necessary component for any development of this magnitude to work on Long Island. The ferry to the city, if operated correctly, is an amenity that could create a wonderful link to Manhattan and open up many more opportunities to connect with the greatest city in the world. In the years to come, this newly developed waterfront property will be a thriving scenic place to live, work and play that will compliment an existing downtown which is in need of an economic stimulation to local businesses. I believe this waterfront development will make the rest of Glen Cove and North Shore better by increasing residential property values across the board and be a plus to local business owners who are looking to grow. When you have a local developer in RXR Realty who really understands the area and is willing to invest the kind of capital this project is going to take, there is no better combination in which to take this journey. This is a once in a generation chance to create something exceptional that will have positive impacts for many years to come. When all is said and done, it will be quite a site that the community will be proud of.  Good luck to all.

—Michael W. Stanco

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