Waterfront IS Concern To Sea Cliff


Recent editions of the Record Pilot have included full-page ads outlining plans for the Garvies Point project. In a “Win-Win” letter to the editor in early March, a writer chose to castigate Sea Cliff Mayor Bruce Kennedy for what the writer perceived as Kennedy’s unprofessional concern over the sight-line issues of hillside property owners. The writer went on to conclude that the project is not a village-wide issue and, consequently, Mayor Kennedy should recuse himself from any further consideration of the project.

Aside from this project’s impact on the aesthetics of Hempstead Harbor, the writer should realize that traffic, environmental, and fiscal concerns are just a few of the topics under discussion by not only the residents of Glen Cove but also the surrounding communities. In the absence of voluminous data on a plan that is essentially “virgin territory” for the city, history and common sense carry a great deal of weight.

For the past half-century, the sad and inexcusable reality is that neither the City of Glen Cove nor Nassau County for that matter, has demonstrated the ability to successfully effect and/or manage a project of this size and scope. Mayor Spinello’s most compelling argument in favor of the project is the hoped-for relief to the city’s deficit; all other concerns be damned. It’s reminiscent of the myopic argument in favor of natural gas fracking, i.e., it will create jobs. Meanwhile, the fact that fracking has rendered some people’s homes uninhabitable, poisoned the water supply of some communities and releases toxic levels of methane gas into the atmosphere, these concerns are minimized or ignored.

The people who live in Glen Cove and the surrounding communities want the city to be successful now and in the future but there is a reason that former Glen Cove Mayor Suozzi and former Sea Cliff Mayor Moyne entered into an agreement in 2000. The revitalization of Garvies Point and many other vacant or under-utilized properties requires careful deliberation and input of all stakeholders in and around the City of Glen Cove.

—Richard Collins

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