Waterfront: No Gains For Residents


In response to Pasquale Cervasio’s recent letter in the local media, I too have lived in Glen Cove for many years. In fact, I have lived here longer than he has.

Along with many Glen Covers, I do believe in change. However, I do not advocate change that will adversely affect not only the residents of Glen Cove but the future of the City of Glen Cove itself as this colossal waterfront project will.

The current administration’s redevelopment waterfront plan will completely damage the suburban way of life Glen Covers have come to enjoy and cherish. Many of us enjoy the relative quiet and calm atmosphere that Glen Cove has to offer. We have either remained in Glen Cove or moved here for a better quality of life because we do not want to deal with loud, hectic and overcrowded streets.

Who gains from this project? Definitely not Glen Cove residents. Nor our north shore neighbors. The only ones who do gain are RXR, its contractors, Mr. Zarin, and the city’s various other consultants. Mayor Spinello has turned a blind eye to the stresses that will be placed upon our sewer, water, fire and police protection resources if this project is allowed to go forward.

You can be assured that our city taxes will not be reduced or remain stable. This was the exact same line that was spoon fed to us prior to the construction of Avalon One and Avalon Two. Yet, for most of us, not only have our city taxes not remained stable they have increased since the construction of these two projects. Why would this waterfront project be any different?

Contrary to the accusations that have been made, most Glen Covers will not mindlessly follow and tow a party line merely because it is expedient for the local politicians.  We will not idly stand by as this affront to our suburban way of life is being forced upon us. We will continue, as we have done so far, to raise our voices and express our concerns, even if the mayor does not want to listen.

This project will indeed be a legacy for Mayor Spinello and his administration, but one that they will eventually come to regret in future years.

—Steve J. Gonzalez
Former Glen Cove City Councilman

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