Webelos Scout Klondike Derby


Glen Cove Webelos Pack 6 recently competed in the Klondike Derby at Muttontown Preserve. The Klondike Derby dates back to many years ago when men raced with sledges (sleds) and dogs across the frozen tundra of the northwest territory in Canada in search of gold. Scouting has used this theme and developed the Klondike Derby as an activity for the second-year Webelos Scouts (fifth-graders).

Lukaz Dubicki, Attila Kutasi, Daniel McFadden, Peter Massarrone and Jacyn Braja

The day started off with frigid temperatures, lots of wind and a high of only around 10 degrees. Many brave Scouts participated, lining up and eager to start the race. The Pack 6 Webelos had named their patrol “The Snow Leopards” and prepared their sled with necessary items needed for racing.

Each team follows a course outlined on a map given to them. The map guides them to simulated “cities” with Scout Rank names. Each patrol leader is handed sealed orders at the starting line, and they must reach the final destination, which is the North Pole.

The Scouts did an excellent job of navigating, using their map and getting to each of the nine “cities” to perform tasks. They had to push the sled—filled with supplies—over a course of 5.5 miles, and were out in the preserve for many hours.

The different tasks included first aid, tie a lashing and defeat a troll by hitting mouse traps, build a bridge to cross safely, transport a dangerous chemical using ropes, build a shelter that they could all fit under and use a compass correctly.

Glen Cove Webelos Pack 6 competed in the Klondike Derby at Muttontown Preserve in January.

They collected gold nuggets at each city after they completed their tasks. Once they had all of their gold nuggets, they then had to quickly get back to the beginning of the race and build a tripod displaying their banner. They were judged and Pack 6 received second place, which was incredible.

There were only five Scouts from Pack 6 who were able to participate in this adventure and to be able to come in second place when it was their first time ever doing this, was fantastic. The leaders and parents are very proud of the Webelos Pack 6 for competing and completing this very challenging race.

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