Where Do I Go From Here?


I have lived in Glen Cove my entire life and have never experienced the issue of not knowing where I am going to live.
I am one of the 30 families who must seek housing due to the Livingston “Villa” condos. I have looked high and low for housing. I have contacted several realtors; I leave my name and number and for whatever reason, they don’t return my calls. Or, if I inquire about a listing online, I’m told it was rented, however, several days later, the listing remains online, especially in one area of Glen Cove.

I have lived and worked in Glen Cove for many years as a substance abuse counselor and a community organizer. I have received many awards from previous mayors, the county of Nassau and mental health. I have an excellent payment and good house keeping record and here I am today in a town where I was born and cannot find housing. Sometimes I feel as though I’m the outsider in my hometown and I’m sure there are other people who agree with me. It’s been like a nightmare.

I’m appealing to any landlord with a two-bedroom apartment who is looking for a good tenant to please contact me.

—Bertha Adams

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