Why Is He Running?


Anyone who attended the Glen Cove City Council meeting on July 28, has to have come away asking themselves the question: “Why is Tony Gallo running for Mayor?” In a very long meeting, the city council voted on over 20 resolutions and appointments. Tony Gallo voted the same way as Mayor Spinello on every one.

When Dan Cox spoke about our new Youth Baseball Program, Tony Gallo began to criticize it. He said that he sat in the empty bleachers at City Stadium and was saddened by not seeing anyone playing. He must have been there at an off hour, because the city’s Recreation Commissioner then rose to explain, that this year the league had more children playing than last year; and even added a little profit into the city coffers.

Near the end of the evening another citizen rose to talk about some real problems the city faces with homeless undocumented people living in wooded areas in our city. Mayor Spinello called up a Glen Cove police detective to explain what is being done to deal with this serious situation that has plagued Glen Cove, Long Island and our entire nation for at least two decades. Councilman Gallo’s solution to the problem: “counseling!”

It just makes you scratch your head.
—Nancy Furlong

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