Why Now, Why Me


I am John Perrone and I decided to throw my hat into the political arena a few months ago. I am running for Glen Cove City Council on the Team Gallo ticket as a write-in candidate. After several years of being on the Glen Cove Zoning and Planning Boards, I understand the inner workings and see the problems we are all facing. In the past, I explored running on the Democratic ticket several times, but I never found the right fit within that political machine.

Then out of the blue, I received a call from Tony Gallo (the only Republican mayoral candidate) and we met to discuss various issues plaguing our city. Just over a cup of coffee I realized Tony Gallo really cares and has many innovative plans to change the city for the better. After a long deliberation, I accepted Tony’s offer to join Team Gallo as a City Council candidate. Having become uncomfortable with my Democratic affiliation, I had finally come to the realization that the modern Democratic Party is simply not aligned with my beliefs and business practices. Some may discount my candidacy because of my prior affiliation and I know this an uphill battle, but I feel strongly about Tony Gallo and his vision and ideals. I am glad I walked away from the Democratic Party and I am delighted to join the Republicans.
I have lived in Glen Cove for 30 years and I served on the city planning and zoning boards as well as in Glen Cove’s youth programs. As an insurance broker with State Farm Insurance, I served the insurance needs of the local community for more than 33 years. My success in business, experience serving on city boards, combined with my daily association with local business professionals and community residents, will help me steer Glen Cove in a direction that will benefit both our residents and our businesses. I support fiscal responsibility and strategic growth. I will work to improve quality of life, the downtown and the waterfront.

The state of Glen Cove politics has come to the point where party bosses have merged to serve their own interests and have attempted to create an electoral monopoly. Monopolies will do everything they can to eliminate competition so that they can keep their power. Last week I was served with legal papers attempting to eliminate me from running for city council. If the machine has it their way, they will stack the deck and void the petitions that bear my name.

Despite attempts by local seasoned operatives who’d like to eliminate me from running for Glen Cove City Council, our founding doctrines—from the U.S. Constitution to the Charter of the City of Glen Cove—grant us not only equality and justice, but the right to representative government by the people and for the people! What I can’t find in these documents is any clause that allows some people to prevent other people from exercising their basic constitutional rights in service of their fellow citizens.

As a write-in candidate, I could have taken an easier path. However, I was taught the road to success is often an uphill battle. With your help, that’s a battle we can and will win! I am not beholden to any party. I am however looking toward the future of a better Glen Cove for my children and yours.

The primary election for Republicans, Conservatives and Independents will be held on Sept. 10. Please get out to vote in this critical primary election. If you don’t show up to vote, you empower the monopoly and political machine, which is counting on a low voter turnout. Elect the candidate whose only focus is helping Glen Cove. Elect the candidate who will listen to your problems and serve our community with integrity.

Finally, remember my name, John Perrone and write me in, please!

—John Perrone

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