Wow, Talk About Something Really Positive!


Kudos to the Glen Cove Library and all the people who run it. The library has been transformed into a real “go to” place for more than reading. There are a host of new programs everyone should know about, from interesting speakers to physical fitness groups.

The Meet the Author program is just terrific. Listening to authors discuss their novels, how they became writers, how they got their works published and learning how a book travels from the mind of its writer to the shelves of a library is truly fascinating.

The library is also now offering yoga and Tai Chi classes. So it’s not just research and pleasure reading anymore. Our library is turning into One-Stop-Shopping for all sorts of activities in which the community can participate and enjoy. And our library staff is the best!

They couldn’t be more welcoming and willing to help residents navigate all of the good things being offered.

Our library has come a long, long way since I moved to Glen Cove more than 30 years ago. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this fabulous resource.

—Judith Frederic

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