Wrong, But Never In Doubt


The May 13-19 issue of the Record Pilot carried a letter critical of me for explaining (oddly enough, in another local newspaper) why Glen Cove Mayor Reggie Spinello is right, and all of his critics are wrong, about the mayor’s statement that neither he nor the City of Glen Cove belong in current lease negotiations concerning the Glen Cove Y.

The letter asserts the proposition that Mr. Spinello was elected to “make everything that happens in Glen Cove his business,” insisting that the public has some right to demand that its elected leader stick his nose into other peoples’ business, whether invited or not, because he was elected to . . . well, to resolve every private dispute that occurs within the territorial limits of the city.

What the author of this criticism obviously did not know when he penned his reproach of both the mayor and me was that the Neighborhood Association, the Glen Cove Y’s landlord, was about to publish its own public statement at the same time his letter appeared so it could “clear up” what the landlord itself says are “misconceptions and rumors.” In fact, the Neighborhood Association’s published statement says, “. . . we wish to state that the City of Glen Cove is not a party to this controversy and has no interest or say in the lease renewal process.” Thus, the letter writer’s demonstrably uninformed claims would appear to fall neatly into the category of “misconceptions and rumors.”

If I were . . . say . . . a public school teacher with enough of an interest in local politics to challenge Mayor Spinello for failing to step in and fix the lease negotiations where the parties have invited him to stay out of the talks, I’d give this letter writer’s effort to criticize the mayor and me a very poor grade indeed. Although he may have been 100 percent right that I am a friend of Mayor Spinello, it turns out that he’s 100 percent wrong on his basic facts concerning the Glen Cove Y lease negotiations. Those two grades add up to an average of 50 percent, and that’s an “F” by anyone’s standards.

This is not the first time this particular letter writer has sought to disparage me in a newspaper. As usual, however, he continues to follow the principle that while he may be wrong, he’s never in doubt.

Getting it wrong is what happens when you don’t do your homework.
—Michael A. Levy

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