Wrong Path


If two previous Glen Cove elected officials are warning city residents about the pitfalls of the waterfront project, then something is awkwardly amiss. We ought to listen to what former Glen Cove mayor Donald DeRiggi and ex-city councilman Steve Gonzalez have to say. Being out of office after undeniably respected service as civil servants, they have no ax to grind. Except that the current administration may be leading its constituents down a yellow brick road instead of the kind of success and carefree living which everyone craves for themselves and their children.

The millions of dollars that Mayor Reginald Spinello foresaw as respite from rising taxes in the current economy is now obviously becoming a windfall for the developer, RXR, owned by Scott Rechler. The tax breaks and bonds issued by IDA (Industrial Development Agency) become a blatant conflict of interest and an affront to the intelligence of the city’s citizens since Reggie made himself chairman of that board, resulting in the inevitable 4-3 vote in favor of the measures asked for. Did he think we were going to look the other way?

—Joe Krupinski

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