A Hall Of Famer With Vision Of Making A Tremendous Difference



Darcy Maccarone Belyea still holds the record for 32 saves in a single game as a soccer goalie. (Photo by Mitch Schlimer)

By Mitch Schlimer

Born and raised in Glen Cove, Darcy Maccarone Belyea, a 1982 graduate of Glen Cove High and four sport athlete (soccer, filed hockey, basketball, softball) has spent 23 years under 5 Mayors as Glen Cove’s Director of Parks and Recreation while being totally committed to the families and youth of Glen Cove.

As an All County star athlete, Belyea to this day still holds the record for 32 saves in a single game as a soccer goalie, and was given a softball scholarship to the University of Hartford where she majored in Business Management and eventually got her MED in Sports Management and did her thesis on “Violence In Sports” from Springfield College. Eventually in 1993, Belyea was elected and now is in the Glen Cove Hall of Fame along with all the others athletes and more who have had a real impact on their teams and the city as well.

Belyea first interned at Madison Square Garden (MSG) in 1987 and then was hired full time in ’87 as a boxing publicist for the mecca of boxing which showcased countless memorable boxing events. From 1993-97, she worked for the legendary Duva family and their Main Events company including as their controller as her Business Management degree was put to good use.

After leaving Main Events, Belyea competed and won the job of Director of Parks and Recreation and started on Jan. 2, 1997, with the goal of impacting the City of Glen Cove and especially the community, families and youth which her and her staff services. Today she oversees the management of 9 facilities, plus dozens of programs for adults and the youth of Glen Cove.

“I love Glen Cove and its people, and am proud of my staff where I have hired over 192 men and women while 90 percent live in Glen Cove,” Belyea said. “Glen Cove is a great City, and I especially also love many of the events during the last 23 years, which includes the America Sails, and Swim Across America to just name two.”

You want to talk about making a difference, and having a vision for Glen Cove, Belyea set the goal of making significant improvements including to the sports facilities themselves, while creating and managing programs that would touch as many adults and youth as possible. Over the last 23 years, between the summer camps, and the dozens of programs, and conservatively speaking, at least 50,000 adults and youth have benefited and including in ways that are very hard to measure especially the effect on the lives of these youth who as adults now so fondly remember Belyea and the Glen Cove summer camps. How many others can you name that have touched over 50,000, as this fact clearly demonstrates one persons ability to truly make a tremendous difference and especially for the City of Glen Cove?

If this is not enough, and as a result of the $1.2 million Waterside Recreational Redevelopment grant, which is a planning grant issued by New York State, Belyea is leading the way on a sports complex which focuses on a 8.8-acre parcel that encompasses the former incinerator and the existing city compost yard.

“It is logical to look at the entire John Maccarone Memorial City Stadium, as we broke the planning down into two phases,” Belyea said. “Phase one is 8.8-acres with the goals of it being multi use for football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball and more plus much needed parking. This plan would open up the existing Stadium and upper parking lot to include new entry ways and exits from Shore Road and Morris Ave. Phase two would include a new layout for the stadium complex, while maintaining the existing number of multi use field space while adding artificial turf and new amenities”

Darcy Belyea with her son Eric. (Photo by Mitch Schlimer)

Belyea has had many accomplishments in her life, yet none prouder then her son Eric who is a 21 year old senior at Springfield College and majoring in Communications and Sports Journalism. You can catch him on his radio sports show from College, and his articulate articles and more, as Eric is one to watch and carry on the Belyea legacy of turning dreams and vision into reality while making a true difference for others.

Mitch Schlimer is a Glen Cove resident, serial entrepreneur, journalist, photographer and founder of the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.


  1. Great article. Her son assisted with coaching a basketball team my son played on. I guess the apple don’t fall far from the tree. She’s great for the community of GC. I hope the sports complex happens.

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