A History Of The Glen Cove Mansion

The Mansion at Glen Cove was built in 1910 and was the home of John T. Pratt and Ruth Baker Pratt. (Courtesy of the Glen Cove Public Library Robert R. Coles Long Island History Room)

The Mansion at Glen Cove is a staple on the North Shore. The 55-acre property which is now a hotel, provides the ideal setting for weddings and parties and is the prime destination for any lavish occasion. The mansion was constructed in 1910 by Charles Adams Platt, during the time when mansions were in their prime. At the turn of the last century, many wealthy Americans built country estates for themselves to escape the realities of their day-to-day lives in the city.

These mansions were often surrounded by acres of landscape and were built by some of the most well-known architects and landscape designers of the time period. As more mansions were built, the North Shore of Long Island soon became a popular destination for wealthy New Yorkers, coining the term the Gold Coast. The Mansion at Glen Cove is one of the few mansions left on Long Island today. Due to post-war inflation, the rise of property and income taxes, the expense of maintenance and large staffs combined with the need for a higher density, use of the land many of these large estates were torn down.

The Mansion at Glen Cove, previously known as the Manor, was the home to John T. Pratt and Ruth Baker Pratt. John was an attorney and an executive with Standard Oil Company. Ruth was the first Republican Congresswoman from the state of New York. She represented New York City’s “Silk Stocking” district. John passed away in 1927 at the age of 53 from supposed heart disease. Charles Pratt, the patriarch of the Pratt family was the pioneer of the U.S. petroleum industry and formed Charles Pratt and Company in 1867, which became part of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil in 1874. Charles also founded and endowed the renowned Pratt Institute, a private university located in Brooklyn. The area surrounding the Mansion is scattered with former Pratt estates. John Pratt’s brothers were also his neighbors. George developed “Killenworth,” a Gothic Tudor mansion, which is currently the Russian Consulate’s quarters. Frederic’s stone mansion, “Poplar Hill,” which is now a home for seniors. Herbert’s waterfront home, “The Braes,” is now the Webb institute of Naval Architecture and Harold’s Neo-Georgian mansion is now Nassau County’s “Welwyn” Preserve.

The estate was maintained by the Pratt family until 1965, when Ruth passed away. Two years later, in 1967, the Harrison Conference Center bought the mansion and transformed it into a conference center and hotel. It was one of the first conference centers in the United States. Since 1985, the mansion and conference center has been recognized nationally as one of the “Ten Best Conference Center in the United States” by the readers of Corporate Meetings and Incentives magazine.

The Mansion has also been a prime location to shoot scenes for major films and television shows. Classic films such as North by Northwest, Sabrina and Where’s Poppa were partially filmed at the mansion. Most recently, the CBS show Madam Secretary, a political drama television series was filmed at the mansion. Other current TV series include The Blacklist,  and Royal Pains have also been filmed at the mansion.

During the last two or three years, renovations have been made to the mansion to keep the former Pratt estate well preserved and in its original form. Keeping the original architecture and charm to the mansion has been of key importance to its owners. Just recently improvements to the pool, as well as enhancements to the ballrooms have been made. Today, the mansion hotel features 187 guest rooms and suites, a 24-hour fitness center, an indoor pool and hot tub, 27 meeting rooms, three outdoor tennis courts and same-day valet service. The mansion will soon be adding more luxury accommodations to their list of services.

At the end of Sept. the mansion will be opening a luxury restaurant called Opus and will feature Michelin chef Massimiliano Musso, who has ventured to the United States from Italy. Musso has an extensive background in culinary arts and will be bringing his expertise to the mansion. Attendees will soon experience dishes which will awaken your senses and satisfy your palate. The restaurant was named Opus after a musical composition or set of compositions which are well known in the field of classical music. The restaurant will use all organic vegetables and fruits, made from a greenhouse which will be located on the mansion property.

Opus will feature an open concept kitchen, where guests will be able to see the chefs preparing the food before it arrives on their plates. Special cooking equipment will be flying in from Italy in the coming weeks and the restaurant will be opening at the end of September. The Mansion at Glen Cove is located at 200 Dosoris Lane in Glen Cove.

The Glen Cove Record Pilot will be publishing additional stories in a series on the Mansion at Glen Cove.


  1. Sabrina (1954) was not filmed here. Some scenes were filmed at Barney Balaban’s waterfront mansion in Rye, N.Y..North by Northwest was not filmed here either. Several scenes were filmed at the Phipps mansion in Westbury (Old Westbury Gardens).

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