A Student’s Perspective


I am a seventh-grade student at Finley Middle School. I think I know the school pretty well because I am there from 7:50 a.m. until after clubs and sports finish around 4:30 or 5 p.m. most days. I feel like all around me the school is falling apart and want to share some of my experiences.

One day during a particularly bad storm, my class was interrupted by rain falling through the ceiling onto the teacher’s desk. All of the students had to help the teacher move her papers and stuff. The same day I heard that there was a leak in the gym. Indoor rain and leaks cause distractions from school and fun projects that we work on.
Another distraction is the heat and the current solution for the heat. It is really hot for a few months. The classrooms get stuffy and you can only focus on how hot it is and not what is going on in the classrooms.

Why don’t we open the windows? That’s a very good question. We can’t open the windows because the bees fly in. They are constantly hovering around—and once they come in, half the class is scared. Also, opening the window may not help because it is usually pretty hot outside—and letting in the hot air from outside does not make it any cooler. Plus, it is also pretty noisy with the windows open. All of this makes it super hard to focus.

If we use the fans or AC units it is not much better. The fans are so loud. Some teachers will turn the fan off and on throughout the class, so that it is off when someone is speaking, and on while we are thinking or waiting. That is not an efficient use of energy or the teacher’s time.

Finally, I want to make a point about science. Before I came to middle school I was not that interested in science. I have had amazing science teachers who really make it interesting and now I love science and want to take high school level science next year in eighth grade. This will give me more flexibility in high school to take different classes.
If I want to take science classes with a lab in high school, I will be using the same labs that my mom used more than 20 years ago.

Even with the best teacher, who makes science super interesting, my classmates and I will be at a disadvantage.

These are just some examples of how my school day would be much better and with fewer distractions if this bond were to pass.

I recently went to the Board of Ed meeting to ask the adults to support kids like me—kids who want to learn, to do well in school, to play sports, to participate in clubs—so that we can do those things safely and without such distractions.

—Philip Dilgard-Clark

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