An Open Letter To The Glen Cove City Council


To The Glen Cove City Council,

It has become more than apparent that as members of the Glen Cove City Council you are all just phoning it in and allowing the City Attorney to run Glen Cove.  You all ran for office and won with a very impressive victory with the promise of full transparency, yet as each City Council meeting goes by you allow the City Attorney to further and further restrict information that has routinely been provided to the public.  You all let him explain away his reasoning for denying the publication of the Pre-Council Agenda by him basically saying “we don’t have to give you that”.  The Pre-Council Agenda has been provided to residents for as long as I can remember, but you all sat idly by as he prevented that information from being released.  It was good to see you all shamed into providing that information again at the last City Council meeting.  It was routine information that was suddenly denied to the residents under your watch.

Glen Cove has traditionally had an outside third-party Glen Cove resident as the FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) Appeals Officer.  In most cases it is the City Attorney that advises to allow or deny the resident access to the information even though it may not be officially noted.  If a resident is denied information that was requested under the FOIL law they were provided the opportunity to appeal with a neutral third party. That is a right that many Glen Cove residents fought for in past years and you all shamefully voted to allow the City Attorney to eliminate that right and appoint himself as appeals officer and the mayor as the alternate.  He stated that if we don’t like it then we have to file a lawsuit under Article 78 as you all sat by and listened to him give another reason why he can legally deny information to constituents.  Are you kidding me?  You voted to allow the City Attorney to be judge, jury and executioner.

It is clear that you are all not willing to lead.  You allow the City Attorney to speak in a condescending tone to residents and at times I have witnessed him speak down to some of you as if you were children.  Please keep in mind he is not a constituent.  He works for us, not himself.  You have allowed him to become drunk with power.  He comes out of a corrupt administration in Long Beach that has been plagued with scandal and he is now taking us down that same path.  At the last City Council meeting I referred to him as a clown.  I was wrong.  The only clowns in the room are we the people of Glen Cove that are allowing you all to let him run wild.  Shame on all of us for letting you be so lazy and complacent.

Brian F. Pemberton

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