Auxiliary Police Officers Promoted

Officers Rosa Diez, Michael McCauley, Doug Fandino, Luis Lopez, John Leignadier; Chief of Department Michael Dileo; Deputy Chief Frank Pronesti and officer Adam Saperstein

Last month, several Glen Cove Auxiliary Police Department officers were promoted to supervisor positions.

All of the officers are long time members of the department who have attended all city events, special details and parades, including school/religious crossings and have spent countless hours working during emergencies.

Chief of the department Michael Dileo and deputy chief Frank Pronesti presented the officers with their new shields at a special promotion ceremony at the auxiliary police headquarters on Shore Road.

Officers Rosa Diez, Michael McCauley, Doug Fandino and Luis Lopez were promoted to sergeant; officer John Leignadier was promoted to inspector, and officer Adam Saperstein was to lieutenant.


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