Celebrating A Century Of News

In 1984, Karl V. Anton, pictured above, purchased the Glen Cove Record Pilot along with seven other North Shore weeklies owned by Community Newspapers. While the newspaper has had many iterations over the years, Glen Cove itself was known as Musketa Cove, Musquito Cove and Mosquito Cove (“Place of the Rushes” by Native Americans) when Joseph Carpenter settled in the area in 1668. The name changed to Glen Cove in 1834.

Nearly 100 years ago, in 1918, Glen Cove became an independent city and this newspaper was there to report on it. However, the founding of Glen Cove dates back nearly 350 years, first known as Musketa Cove before its name was changed to Glen Cove. And, newspapers in Glen Cove have a history that spans back even farther than the establishment of this paper. Over the years, papers were bought, sold and merged. The Glen Cove Gazette began in the 1850s and lasted through 1872. The Glen Cove Echo began on June 19, 1875, and ended in 1960.

By 1923, The City Record and Glen Cove News combined and The Glen Cove Record, Oyster Bay Township News added the Glen Cove Advance on April 16, 1936, becoming the Glen Cove Record-Advance in March of 1937. The Record Advance was founded in 1917 and later included the Sea Cliff News. By 1953, the Glen Cove Record and Oyster Bay Pilot combined, becoming the Record and Pilot. It later also included The Echo, The Spotlight and East Norwich Enterprise.

By 1982, it was known as the Record Pilot and at various points added and dropped the “Glen Cove.” Still, it has remained “the voice of Brookville, Glen Cove, Glen Head, Glenwood Landing, Locust Valley, Old Brookville and Sea Cliff.”

In 1984, Karl V. Anton Jr. purchased Community Newspapers, a group of eight weekly newspapers that included the Glen Cove Record-Pilot. At the time of the sale, Anton was the president and founder of Van Son Holland Ink Corporation of America, a worldwide distributor of lithographic printing inks based in Mineola. He also founded the weekly newspaper Merrick Life. Community Newspapers eventually became Anton Community Newspapers and is now Anton Media Group. Anton’s wife, Angela Susan Anton, took over the role of publisher upon his death in 2000.

The Glen Cove Echo was one of the earliest papers, established in 1875 and lasting until 1960, when it eventually became a part of what is now the Glen Cove Record Pilot.

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