Children’s Library Day A Huge Success


By Jane Lawrence

On Saturday, Feb. 7, the Glen Cove Public Library hosted its second annual “Take Your Child to the Library Day.” This special event is designed to highlight all the library’s offerings for children.
Festivities began with a puppet show presented by Small World Puppets and Entertainment. The show, “Jungle Jam,” took the children on an adventure through Africa and Australia and went way back in time to the dinosaur era. The children were entertained by singing kangaroos, hippos, koalas, elephants and dinosaurs. A big purple ant narrated the show.

“Happy Happy Hippo” was a big hit with the crowd. (Photos by Jane Lawrence)

The puppets had several surprises for the audience. While the water spewing into the crowd from the elephant’s trunk brought squeals of laughter, the smoke-breathing dragon caused an unexpected surprise. The simulated “smoke” from his nostrils set off the fire alarm, temporarily interrupting the show.

“This has never happened before!” exclaimed Emma, the startled head puppeteer.
After a short delay, the show resumed. At its conclusion, puppeteers Emma and Markchene brought several puppets out for the children to look at. Long lines formed as children waited to touch the puppets and ask questions about them.

Four-year-old Derek, his sister Leila, 8, and his friend Tyler, 4, get up close and personal with puppeteers Markchene and Emma and two of the starring puppets.

After the puppet show, parents had an opportunity to meet with Amanda Laikin and Libby Carroll, representatives from Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano’s Office of Constituent Affairs, and have their child’s information recorded on a wallet-sized laminated card.

“This is part of an ongoing effort to bring added peace of mind to families,” said Laikin.

The cards, which parents can give to the police in the event that a child is missing, contain the child’s photo, a digital finger print and a record of their vital information.

“Last year we had 75 children participate, and we have about that many today,” said Anna Dunlop, the library’s children’s services division head.  “We definitely plan to make this an annual event held on the first Saturday in February each year.”

Five-year-old Aidan Logan enjoys one of the many toys available at the library.

The library has many offerings for families with children. In addition to books, games and puzzles, children can explore various educational apps on the library’s iPads or check out a  DVD.

Free shows and special events for children are ongoing and museum passes are available to the Cradle of Aviation, Garvies Point and the Long Island Children’s Museum. The children’s librarians will be glad to assist families in their exploration of all the library has to offer.

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