Councilman’s Birthday Bash


Nearly 200 people logged-on or submitted videos for Councilman Stevenson-Mathews’ virtual birthday bash held this past Sunday, and many others attended via phone or by submitted cards or letters.

The event, a fundraiser for Friends of Gaitley, the councilman’s campaign committee, began with “Happy Birthday” sung by many friends from the community and included shout-outs and performances from family and friends in Glen Cove and from as far away as Texas, North Carolina and Scotland.

Among the more than 60 people who submitted video well-wishes included many well-known leaders from the community including Brian Basile, Claudette Bryan, Jeanine Dimenna, Edward Norris, Deborah Orgel-Gordon and Carol Waldman, to name a few.
There were also many shout-outs from friends from Stevenson-Mathews’ past. Usually an in-person disco-style fundraiser, the event had to be modified due to COVID.

It was decided to pool the talents of performers in all areas of Stevenson-Mathews’ life to produce a show, with a hybrid of pre-recorded performances and shoutouts as well as live hosts. There was additional audio/visual support from Jonathan Parsons and social media support from Anthony Cipriano, Mirna Garcia, Lynda Madden and Jo Ann Russo.
When asked about the celebration, the councilman shared, “I was touched by everyone’s hard work and creativity in putting the fundraiser together and moved by the many sentiments shared.”

Organizers will be posting video highlights of the event to the councilman’s Facebook campaign page later in the week.

—Submitted by Friends of Gaitley


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