Deplorable Condition At Finley School


Has anyone noticed the deplorable condition of the steeple and rounded dome (cupola) forming or adorning the central part of the roof at the Robert M. Finley Middle School on Forest Avenue in Glen Cove?

It is quite obvious the paint is peeling, copper work needs urgent repair and most of all the edifice itself seems to be rotting.

Maybe your readers might agree that a repair improvement is needed to add a permanent configuration change or restore some aspects of the cupola that will either enhance or increase its useful life.

At a recent school board meeting I mentioned this. I was informed by them that “things cost a lot of money.”

Be advised I voted for the Glen Cove City School District 2016-2017 school year budget in the amount of $83,705,760.00, admittedly, without any prior review of same.

Now, after a cursory review of the above mentioned 2016-2017 line item school budget it seems that, by deliberate act or omission, no money was budgeted by the school board for “repairs” per se for any school in our school district.

Perhaps your readers might like to know also that the record shows no money whatsoever has ever been budgeted by the school board for “repairs” for any school since the 2013-2014 school year budget. Perhaps the school board doesn’t see what I see concerning the Robert M. Finley School cupola, or just simply they don’t care? It would seem to me that using a line item budget allows enough flexibility in the 2016-2017 school budget for the school board to move money from one line item that might prove to have been over budgeted for to another line item where budget money is needed, in this case, to “repairs.”

Such flexibility falls within the parameters of needed budget management and oversight.

—Gordon McQuair

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