Easter Dawn Service Returns To Morgan Park

Videographer Zachary Gotterbarn looks on as the Rev. Roger Williams leads all Clergy and other Faith Leaders in prayer prior to the 5th Annual Community Easter Dawn Service held in Glen Cove’s Morgan Park. Pictured L-R: Fr. Mark Fitzhugh, Rev. Gia Lynn Hall, Rev. Roger Williams, Margaret Darson, Evangelist Merle Richards, Rev. Lance Hurst, Elder Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews, Erika Bautista, Josue Correra, Bagpiper Robert Lynch, Sister John Vianney, Sister Elvis Marie. Not pictured: Yeny Correra, Rev. Juanita Lopez, Sister Mirabelle, Sister Maximilian Paul and Fr. Shawn Williams.

The Glen Cove Community Easter Dawn Service committee held their fifth annual Easter Dawn Service at Morgan Park on Easter Sunday, April 4th, 2021. All COVID-19 protocols were followed, including social distancing and mask requirements. The service was limited to 150 participants, with an unlimited number of participants permitted to view online on Facebook Live.

With the backdrop of the Hempstead Harbor and a 17-foot cross temporarily erected near the jetty, close to 140 Glen Cove residents once again gathered on the Morgan Park beach for the Fifth Annual Bilingual Community Easter Dawn Service. The service began with the playing of “Amazing Grace” by bagpiper Robert Lynch, who stood at the base of the cross. Lynch’s presentation was followed by the 14 clergy members, faith leaders and vocalists leading the service sharing “Christ is Risen” in 11 different languages.

“It was truly a beautiful way to start the service,” stated Glen Cove resident Betty Ann Roel, who attended the service with her husband Ron.For last year’s celebration, with COVID-19 just beginning to impact the community, and with the closure of Morgan Park, the service had to be held remotely and broadcast from Glen Cove resident Alba Gambles’ front lawn, just beyond the park gates.

“While I was honored to host the service last year and all involved did an amazing job assuring the message still got out to our residents and to the over 2,500 who viewed the service on Facebook Live, I could not be more pleased that this year’s service is back in Morgan Park,” stated Gamble.

Mirna Garcia, who teaches Sunday school at St. John’s of Lattingtown and was one of several volunteers helping take temperatures and checking-in attendees as they arrived, said, “Yes, it was some work following the COVID-19 protocols and out of an abundance of caution we took extra precautions to assure everyone was safe, but it was all worth it for our community to be together again in-person for what is always a moving celebration.”

Organized by the Committee for the Annual Community Easter Dawn Service, this year’s celebration not only was attended by close to 140 attendees, but was also viewed by more than 1000 people via Facebook Live. It included 17 clergy and faith leaders who shared words, thoughts and songs. While most participated in-person, a few of the participants either logged in via Facebook Live or shared their messages via recordings that were shared.

Those leading the service included Erika Bautista, Associate Pastor Josue Correa, Co-Pastor Yeny Correa, Margaret Darson, Rev. Fr. Kevin J. Dillon, Rev. Fr. Mark L. Fitzhugh, Rev. Gia Lynn Hall, Rev. Lance Hurst, Pastor Tommy Lanham, Rev. Juanita Lopez, Piper Lynch, Evangelist Merle Richards, Rev. A.H. Sparkman, Elder Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews, Rev. Roger C. Williams, Rev. Fr. Shawn Williams and Paul Schmalzried.

“With so much division in our society these days, it is important for fellow Christians to come together and celebrate and honor what unites us as Christians, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ,” stated Fr. Kevin Dillion, pastor of St. Boniface Martyr Catholic Church.

While Easter services have long been held in Morgan Park, the formal committee for this community celebration was created in 2017 thanks to the efforts of three churches in close proximity to one another including: Calvary A.M.E Church, Glen Cove’s oldest historically African American church; Iglesia Cuidad de Refugio, Glen Cove’s oldest historically Spanish Language church; and First Presbyterian Church, founded in 1869. The committee has now grown to include eight churches adding First Baptist Church, Glen Cove Christian Church, St. Boniface Martyr Roman Catholic Church, St. John’s of Lattingtown Episcopal Church and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

“None of this would be able to happen were it not for the many volunteers and the incredible talent of our local Clergy coming together to share their gifts and the message of Easter,” stated Stevenson-Mathews, an Elder at Glen Cove’s First Presbyterian Church who currently serves as chair of the committee. “I felt everyone who was gathered was ready to hear the beautiful messages of hope that were shared.”

Organizers wish to express their great appreciation to the many businesses, individuals and families who helped underwrite expenses related to the service, or who helped as volunteers. To view a video of the service or to learn more about the annual service all are encouraged to visit and like the committee’s official Facebook page.

For more information, please email easterdawnglencove@gmail.com or visit www.facebook.com/GlenCoveEaster.

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