Elect Deb McDermott For Sea Cliff Village Trustee


I urge you to join me in supporting our neighbor Deb McDermott’s candidacy for one of the two open seats on the Sea Cliff Village Board in the upcoming elections.

As a 20-year resident of Sea Cliff, I have seen the important role the Sea Cliff Village Board plays in preserving the unique attributes of our small, pedestrian-friendly village. This truly local government body has the opportunity to foster the distinct Sea Cliff identity, the civic engagement of our villagers, to encourage creativity and the free exchange of ideas between villagers and local leaders, to ensure fiscal responsibility and to continue to build upon our strong sense of community. To support this important role played by our Village board, we need effective, efficient and knowledgeable leaders. Deb McDermott is just such a person.
We are so fortunate to have Deb McDermott running for Village Trustee and I wholeheartedly support her election and encourage all to do the same. Her qualifications are well-suited to this position and she has shown a demonstrated commitment to serving the community. With a 14-year, successful career as a communications professional for IBM, McDermott has relevant experience in communications, strategic thinking, financial reporting and management. Locally, McDermott currently serves as the chair of the Legislative Action Committee of the North Shore Board of Education, where she fights to support the excellence of our schools and preserve our property values.

My path crossed with Deb on this Legislative Action Committee where I have seen first-hand her ability to foster open communications and facilitate collaboration among divergent views for the betterment of the community. It is this experience with Deb that has spurred me to support her candidacy publicly. She will bring a new perspective to the Village Board and I know she will work tirelessly to ensure fiscal responsibility, the cultivation of our unique Sea Cliff identity and to ensure that voices of diverse resident perspectives are heard.

A resident with two children in the school district and invaluable experience in communication and local leadership, Deb McDermott will be an effective, efficient and confident leader who will deliver on her campaign promise to bring an independent voice with fresh perspectives, skills and experience to our village government. Please join me in giving her your vote in our upcoming elections.

—Jenny Bello, Sea Cliff

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