Facts On The Y


It is sad that I am once again forced to write a letter correcting blatant factual misstatements about the Glen Cove Y. But the most recent, “Keep Glen Cove in the Glen Cove Y” letter to the editor is once again chock full of untruths.

First, the letter again makes the same false assertion—that $1 million is taken out the Glen Cove Y every year and paid to Long Island Y—that my prior letter showed was absolutely untrue. The author does not contest what I said previously, but rather just continues to repeat the same false statement without any support whatsoever.

The letter claims that a $100,000 “thermometer” camp scholarship campaign is “now gone.”  False. The truth is the only thing that has changed is the method of how donations are raised, but there has been no impact whatsoever on the scholarships received.  So far in 2015, approximately $85,000 in scholarships have been gifted at the Glen Cove Y. It is on pace to equal or surpass the $100,000 mentioned by the author. All that has happened is that instead of relying on mailings, the Glen Cove Y now seeks to engage more donors by having its officers and board members make face-to-face requests for money. This change was recommended by the Long Island Y’s professional fund raisers and accepted by every other branch of Y-LI.  And whenever Glen Cove Y’s fund raising efforts have fallen short, more money comes into Glen Cove from the Long Island Y to make up the difference.

As for capital renovations, all money raised by Glen Cove Y for capital renovations stays in Glen Cove and is used for the Glen Cove facility. The author is correct that money from Long Island Y for capital improvements comes from a debt reserves account that Glen Cove Y—and all the other Long Island Y branches—pay into. However, the amount Glen Cove Y pays into this account is a fraction of the multi-millions of dollars it has received back for capital improvements over the years. The bottom line is that without funds from Long Island Y none of the extensive renovations at the Glen Cove Y could have occurred. Again, far from taking the Glen Cove out of the Glen Cove Y, Glen Cove Y greatly benefits by being part of the Long Island Y.

The author also incorrectly states that Glen Cove Y is the only branch that does not own its land and property. False. Neither do the Brookhaven or East Hampton Y’s.

The most glaring error, however, is that Y-LI is out “to make even more profit.” As a former board member, the author clearly knows that the YMCA is a not-for-profit and that by definition and by law it does not make a “profit.” It is simply irresponsible to make false claims about a charitable organization making “profits.”

The Glen Cove Y still does not have a lease renewal and time is running out.  A certain vocal minority is spreading falsehoods about a wonderful charitable organization that has served this community so well for 60 years in the hopes of driving public opinion against the Y. I remain hopeful that the good people on the GCNA will not be swayed by these falsehoods, but will realize that not only does the Glen Cove Y deserve to stay in Glen Cove, but this community deserves to keep the Glen Cove Y.

—Paul Sweeney

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