Fine Arts And Fun At Gribbin Festival


Gribbin School students displayed their artistic talents at the school’s annual Fine Arts Festival on June 3.

Students enjoyed the jazzy sing-a-long led by music teacher JoAnn Criblez.

The evening began with a dance performance by second-grade students, which was led by New York City jazz dancer Mickey Davidson, who spent four weeks preparing the children during their physical education classes. Next was a jazzy sing-a-long, under the direction of music teacher JoAnn Criblez. Students and their families also enjoyed a jazz inspired student-art exhibit coordinated by art teacher LeeAnn Palazzo and took part in jazz-related activities in the library. In addition, students enjoyed outdoor activities and a performance by a professional jazz band.

According to music teacher JoAnn Criblez, the interdisciplinary event brought the school’s art, library, music and physical education departments together to highlight the world of Jazz music through dance, song, books and works of art.

Second-grader Alexia Santiago was all smiles when she showed her mother her artwork displayed at the festival.

“Jazz music came from diverse people living together,” Criblez said. “It was exciting to unite for a month and show the children how the theme of jazz connects in different areas.”

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