Former NS Board President For Cheryl Brown As Trustee


The two most important characteristics for someone to serve on the NS School Board are that the person should be open to listen and learn. Cheryl Brown has those characteristics in abundance. If you have had the opportunity to meet her, you will immediately see that she is a caring and genuine person, with no personal agenda but to serve her community.

Cheryl is a forward looking educator who has a universal and global view of quality education. She has also spent her personal time up in Albany lobbying for issues that are important for schools, therefore proving she works not just for her own students and children, but on the bigger issues that impact quality public education.
Importantly, if she is elected she will bring the perspective of the next generation of parents onto the school board, which is an essential perspective for the long term development of our schools.

Please also remember to vote on Tuesday, May 16 for the budget (Prop 1) and the transportation issue (Prop 2).

Carolyn Mazzu Genovesi
Former NS School Board President

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