From The Desk Of Councilman John Perrone


I have been actively involved in our community for almost 30 years and have had many roles which span from our Youth Programs, Zoning Board, Planning Board and now City Councilman. I pride myself on my ability to listen. While on the Zoning Board, I visited every applicant’s location. While on the Planning Board, I always explored if the changes sought would help or burden our community.  As a Councilman, I always do my due diligence before any vote.  My goal has been and always will be to make Glen Cove better.

Becoming a Councilman in 2020 was a challenge that I was excited to conquer, but never expected what was on the horizon.  The learning curve was tremendous because 60 days into office the world shut down due to COVID-19.  All members of the Council not only had to come up to speed with regular City business but had to figure out a way to deal with the continual punches thrown by Covid.  We all wanted to achieve some semblance of normalcy throughout the pandemic  Even assessing normal tasks like how to protect our city workers while they do their jobs.  Remotely holding our City Council meetings been a challenge and not giving  us the opportunity to speak to our community face to face.

Everyone in our City pulled together, and sure we stumbled, but we adapted to move forward in these trying times.  Our City now approaches a crossroad.  Many want progression while others resist change.  Many want the services the City offers, but few want to accept the costs.  Many are quick to criticize, while few offer any solution.  When a resident engages in any public forum, I always hope to hear them constructively add to the discussion for the right reasons.  I listen to every resident who decides to voice their opinion in any of our City Council meetings or public hearings.  I always hope when each resident stands up to speak, they are doing so to help make Glen Cove better.

On a personal note, even though I am an elected official, I do not seek photo ops, I do not like to give public speeches, and I do not berate anyone with the courage to speak to the City Council.  I am simply trying to do my part as a listener and a member of our community.  I find genuine discussion and listening are equally important components and  allows me to make the best, most well-informed decisions possible.  In the week before each Council Meeting, I review, question, and think through every resolution presented.  I call, meet with, or look around any person or place that the resolution affects.  I do not take my position lightly.  I do my best to think through and anticipate any outcome or issue that would arise from any piece of legislation which I permanently attach my name to by voting.  By the time any given resolution is brought before the Council, it has already been through hours of scrutiny by the Mayor and council .By the time we vote, we should frankly be unified as one with the simple goal of doing the right thing for the community.  Our job is not to look out for ourselves, but rather to represent the community as a whole.  Each resolution we pass is a culmination of our collective ideas becoming one single voice–the voice of the people of Glen Cove.

When you serve on any commission, board, or council, someone is in charge.  In my years of service, I have worked alongside some excellent and intelligent men and women, and alongside Mayor Tenke is no different.  He allows each member on the Council to be heard on every issue. He is genuinely excited and eager to hear opinions and ideas.  Whether we agree or disagree, he never shies away from the discussion itself, and for that I will always be appreciative of his leadership.

Times are tougher now than ever before.  This pandemic has caused the loss of loved ones and financial strain on all of us.  I must say, however, I am grateful for how well our City has fared in the face of such adversity.  We adapted as quickly as we could to help local businesses stay open, and we did what was absolutely necessary in order to cut any excess spending so that we may remain financially sound.  It is my sincere hope that our country has turned a corner and as the vaccine becomes more available, we can look back on this hardship triumphantly.  I wish all the best to you and your families.

Thank you for your continued support.

-​​​​​John Perrone, Glen Cove Councilman


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