Gallo, A Candidate To Be Proud Of


Thank you for presenting your letters section as a public forum for the free exchange of ideas. I enjoy the letters section although I sometimes cringe at the slander and smearing tactics that our malcontented neighbors use. I feel sympathy for the candidates’ families and friends who must endure these undeserved insults which discourage discussion of real issues and support instead the sick cause of negative campaigning .

I have something to say about the mayor’s campaign, but first, a question for the so-called “Glen Cove Voters For Ethics And Transparency In Government.” If you are really for transparency, why don’t you sign your names? Are there too many to fit onto your full page ads or are you really a small poison-pen club, so lacking in courage that you attack hiding  under the cover of a phony citizens’ group pretending to uphold values that your actions besmirch? Our mayor can do better than to let your insidious support speak for him. He should denounce you and reject your support. It demeans the office and the process of election. Who is paying your bills?

Councilman Gallo is the most popular elected official in Glen Cove of this decade, the previous decade and the decade before that. The mayor and his acolytes have a lot to be nervous about.

I have only been in Glen Cove for 31 years, but correct me if I am wrong, Gallo gets more votes than anyone.

I have known Tony since he was a teenager, who carried groceries to our car at his family’s grocery store, Cove Fruit. As a vegetarian and friend of his father, I spent many hours hanging out there discussing local issues with them and their friends, among them many local businessmen, entrepreneurs, contractors and fellow shoppers. Young Tony was respectful and observant, seeing and hearing everything.  As he grew up and became more active in discussions he displayed a command of issues important to businessmen, homeowners and taxpayers. He remains open-minded and curious regarding new ideas.

When I had an issue, I took it to him, Tony listened to my proposal and decided to champion the legislation. He persuaded the City Council, including then fellow councilman Spinello, to vote with him. We can be proud. Glen Cove is the first municipality in NY State to pass an essential ordinance regulating cess-pools and septic systems. Glen Cove has set an example for Nassau County and the entire state, protecting our environment and public health.

Contrary to slander that I have read in these pages, Councilman Gallo has guided significant legislation, advancing it from bright idea to city ordinance in just one year. That is non-partisan and extra-ordinary.

Councilman Gallo is an effective legislator who has displayed political skill and leadership. I hope he does debate the mayor and don’t really care if it is after the primary. The mayor made the challenge. He should accept his opponent’s date and venue. I hope they debate real issues.

I am a citizen for  ethics and transparency in government and I don’t need to hide behind some phony group’s banner.

—Steve  Sloane


  1. Agree 100% about Tony Gallo. Far better choice than Spinello/Famiglietti for the future of Glen Cove. With S and F you have government that lies, deceives, is non transparent and in the case of F rules by intimidation. Watch his body language at council meetings compared with others.

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