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Downtown Sounds brings the party to Village Square

Joe Serrange was having a good time dancing in front of the Downtown Sounds stage.

It was a scene that almost felt relieving on July 9; people eating, dancing and having fun on a Friday night.

The Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District’s Downtown Sounds has been bringing musicians to downtown Glen Cove for the past 20-plus years. And while the Downtown BID was able to keep the tradition going last summer, it was not the same, as musicians performed at Tiki Recording Studios in Glen Cove for an audience that could either watch virtually or enjoy the performance broadcasted on a television set as they ate at one of Downtown Glen Cove’s restaurants.

With vaccine rates rising and positive COVID-19 cases decreasing every day, however, Downtown Sounds is beginning to return to what it once used to be; people near and far setting up camp on the closed-off roads of Downtown Glen Cove and dancing or tapping their foot to a live band. Diners at restaurants like Downtown Cafe or La Bussola Ristorante listened to the music over entrées, drinks and laughter. Even on a night with a storm warning and chance of rain looming overhead, many took the chance to enjoy their Friday night.

The executive assistant of the Downtown BID, Sujayliz Alfred, said that many have been anticipating the return of Downtown Sounds.

“The community is really just excited to be back and see their favorite bands,” Alfred said. “Downtown Sounds is back, all of our businesses and stores are open and we welcome everyone.”

Margaret and John Morfis of Bayville were among the people who ventured out to watch the John Fogerty Tribute Project that performs the music of Creedance Clearwater Revival in and around the New York metropolitan area. Margaret Morfis said she was tempted to go dance in front of the stage with some others who were enjoying the warm summer evening.

“We enjoy John Fogerty,” Margaret Morfis said. “We enjoy all of this music. It’s excellent. I think so and my husband does too. I go home happy. I come here, we sit down and listen to them. I wanna get up and dance, but we go home happy after listening. We love it.”
Patricia Holman, the executive director of the Downtown BID, said that people as far as New York City come down to Glen Cove to enjoy the music and the vibrant night life. Former Glen Covers currently living in the Carolinas make their way over to Downtown Sounds every year as well, Holman said.

“A couple of months ago, we wanted to do [Downtown Sounds], but we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to,” Holman said. “We went to City Hall, the mayor said yes, the city attorney said yes, the City Council said yes and we actually got funding. We had a lot of generous sponsors that I was not expecting. We’re thrilled.”

And if some are unable to make it out on Friday nights, there is no need to worry
because the performances are recorded then uploaded online for people to see.

Also happening in the downtown area is Fitness in Village Square through November, where instructors from local fitness studios like Glen Cove Yoga and Garcia Muay Thai host free fitness classes on Saturday morning. After a good workout, people can venture on over in a short walk or drive to Garvies Point to grab veggies, local fare and other products from the Deep Roots Farmers Market, which is operating on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. through October.

“…We hope you continue to make downtown Glen Cove a destination of choice for summer fun,” City of Glen Cove Mayor Tim Tenke said in his message to the community published in the Downtown Sounds flier. “With music, movies, special events, great restaurants and shops, everything is waiting for you downtown and throughout the City of Glen Cove.”


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