Glen Cove Football Celebrates 100 Years


Football100_090716AThis fall marks the 100th season of varsity football at Glen Cove High School and the opening game of the season will be celebrated with much fanfare. The centennial celebration on Friday, Sept. 9, will include recognition of alumni, a special dedication, slide shows and a post-game celebration.

“Reaching 100 is pretty special,” said coach Pete Kopecky. “Not many teams on Long Island are even close to that number.”

At the turn of the century, football was brand new and the sport did not become popular until the 1920s.

“Glen Cove was way ahead of the curve,” said Kopecky.

In the early days, the teams only had a handful of players, but over the years, the football program has produced notable players.

“We have a great history. We’ve had championship teams in every decade,” said Kopecky.
Most notably, the 1960 team was the undefeated champion of the North Shore, the last team to go undefeated.

“This team was a special team,” said Kopecky. “The only blemish was the tie versus Mineola, who ended up being voted the Rutgers Champion. Only one County Champion was declared, even though the ‘60 Covers had an identical record.”

At Friday night’s game, Bob Kormoski captain of the 1960 team, will act as honorary captain to honor the accomplishments of this great team.

The centennial celebration game will be dedicated to Jim Brennan, who was a coach during the 1970s and was also an administrator in the Glen Cove school district for many years. During his eight years as head coach, he coached numerous division one football players, including Clyde Riggins, Cliff McBride and Bill Benneck. He was a board of education member for his hometown district of Harborfields, which has named the football field in his memory. His family will be on hand to ring the Chapman Bell as the team comes out to start the game.

The Team 100 game will be dedicated to former head coach Jim Brennan.
The Team 100 game will be dedicated to former head coach Jim Brennan.

Every year, the Chapman Bell went to the winning championship team. In 1973, Glen Cove won the bell back, when Brennan was coach.

The coaching staff and Booster Club are hoping to have alumni at the game and will also have slide show at the Booster Club booth, showing old photos, news clippings and other memorabilia.

“Diversity in Glen Cove always began with football,” said Kopecky. “The school has always represented the community. It’s an amazing thing. We have been a melting pot since the beginning; it’s the best kept secret about Glen Cove.”

Glen Cove football alumnus check-in at Maiden Field’s main gate is at 5 p.m. Kickoff for Team 100 vs. Levittown’s Division High School begins at 6 p.m. The Booster Club-sponsored post-game celebration and “Meet and Greet” will immediately follow the game at The View Grill, 111 Lattingtown Rd. The post-game celebration will include 90 minutes of complimentary appetizers, thanks to the View Grill.

For additional information, alumni pre-registration and to RSVP for the Post-Game Celebration, contact Booster Club president Rob Field at 516-637-3200 and/or


  1. I know that I have so many friends and family that have had a hand in this history and I am certainly proud to be from Glen Cove although I never played football there. Thank you for this article because it makes the job of explaining where I am from a little easier. Ahead of the curve, and melting pot are both good descriptions of my home town.

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