Glen Cove IDA Consents For RXR To Bring New PUD Plan To Planning Board


The Glen Cove Industrial Development Agency (IDA) just held a virtual meeting to vote on updated plans for the development of Garvies Point. The board approved consent for the newest application, with a unanimous vote, for developer RXR to present it for an amended PUD master development plan to the Planning Board.

Throughout the next steps of the process, there will be public hearings and comment sessions available. The IDA was involved in this as an extra step in the process since it is heavily involved in the Garvies Point project.

The updated application will have more waterfront views for Garvies Point condo units, including a total of 346 condos, an increase from the original 2016 proposal of 172 units in blocks E and F and 56 workforce condos in Block F. The original proposal also had a market-range rental building in Block E that would have 101 units. Block D originally would have a 50,000-square-foot office building with parking.

Resolution 4A for a sales tax extention was approved with all board members voting in favor.

Glen Cove Mayor and IDA Chairman Tim Tenke said he appreciated the community’s ongoing input in the development project.

The updated proposal will have a part of the open space relocated to take advantage of the waterfront view. There will be a restaurant at the ground level at Blocks E and F, outdoor seating and a wellness center with a spa, open to the public. As previously reported, the construction will be split into three phases, A1: 136 units/10 stories; A2: 75 units/eight stories; and A3: 135 units/nine stories.

RXR’s Joseph Graziose, who is the executive vice president of residential development, addressed the project’s success.

“We have completed the entire roadway in connection with the city,” he said before detailing the aforementioned construction that’s been completed. “RXR remains committed in completing its vision of the Garvies Point project. We’ve been successful in bringing new people to Glen Cove.”

As of now, Harbor Landing North boasts 177 units with construction completed. Harbor Landing South will have people moving in this month within the 208-unit building. The Beacon has sold about 45 percent of 167 condo units.

Questions were raised during the IDA meeting about the upcoming construction schedule, as well as affordable housing within the buildings. The proposed changes to Blocks E and F involve adding 71 additional units to the approved 101 market rate rental building and moving the 56 workforce condominium units to a new location to be studied. RXR plans to integrate the workforce units into a location with market rate units.

Due to COVID-19, 108 days of construction were lost. But the full schedule will be available soon, RXR explained.

Another question about the restaurant being built came up, requesting information about its location near the water. Graziose explained it’s the perfect place given the waterfront property, as well as the capability to have outdoor dining. These questions and comments will be given to the Planning Board.

“The other thing this gives you by bringing the operation of the restaurant into the actual building is, when the building A’s all three phases is done, that restaurant will be an operation for the building of 346 units,” Graziose said. “Residents, in my experience, where you have the walkability inside their own building to go to a breakfast and lunch type venue, offers a restaurant operator a much better revenue.”

Additionally, there will be free parking on the property, but discussions will be ongoing about overnight parking. More than 160 spaces will be added to lots D and E near the ferry.


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