Glen Cove Keeps Its History Alive


The past year’s history is sealed and safely stored for the next 50 years. As part of the celebrations and commemoration of Glen Cove’s 350th/100th anniversary, the Glen Cove 350 Committee decided to leave a piece of 2018 for those to discover in 2068 by making a time capsule, which was placed in the base of the street clock on Glen Street on Jan. 19.

“It will be opened during the 400th anniversary of Glen Cove’s founding,” said Dave Nieri, chairman of the Time Capsule Committee.

While compiling the items for the time capsule, Nieri did a lot of research to see what types of things are often placed inside and found a list of guidelines and suggestions.

“I thought about what I would want to see from 2018, 50 years in the future,” said Nieri.

Mayor Tim Tenke with Time Capsule Committee members Dave Nieri, Lindsay Anderson, Linda Darby, Valerie Michelsen, Jan Guga and Linda Hochberg. (Photos by Jan Guga)

Items they thought would be of interest include restaurant menus to see the prices of food; objects that are popular right now, such as a smart phone, a fidget spinner and souvenirs from the 350 celebration and an ashtray from the tricentennial celebration.

“We did a lot of photos,” Nieri said. “We took photos of things that went on during the year, including photos of the construction at Village Square and down at the waterfront, since it all really got started in 2018.”

Also included was a photo of the original city council inauguration, along with the photo reenactment of 2018 city council that was taken at the North Shore Historical Museum last year.

As Nieri and the rest of the committee worked on putting the time capsule together, they made a special point to keep everything organized. They had hoped to uncover a time capsule known to have been buried in 1968, during the 300th anniversary, but had not been able to locate it. Nieri said it was believed to have been buried behind the police station—which was city hall in 1968—but the station was expanded in 1996, and it’s possible the capsule is buried underneath the new construction, or it could have been inadvertently removed during excavation. For this one, he and the other committee members— Lindsay Anderson, Valerie Michelsen, Ellen Quasha, Jan Guga, Linda Darby, Herb Schierhorst and Linda Hochberg—have kept records so that those looking for it in 2068 can find it easily, and will know what they’re looking for. And, since the capsule is stored in a clock, and not below ground, it should also be easier to locate in the future.

Committee members prepare the capsule at the North Shore Historical Museum.

The clock is owned by Goldberg Bros. Realty, and has been a fixture on Glen Street for at least 70 years. They chose the street clock because they learned of its historical significance and that the company that built the clock is still in business. They believe it was built in the late 1800s and has been in at least two locations downtown Glen Cove. There had been talk about moving it or replacing it, but committee members have changed their minds.

“The clock runs great,” Nieri said, noting that Barry Donaldson from North Shore Gold & Diamond has been taking care of the clock for 30 years. Nieri is planning on doing more research on the clock, and said the committee has some leftover funds to possibly refurbish and repaint it. Other leftover funds might go toward more events this year, such as another street fair and Old Timer’s Baseball game, and Nieri would also like to replace and refurbish the historical markers that are need of restoration.

The time capsule itself is a stainless steel cylinder two feet high and six inches in diameter. Other items included are a map of Glen Cove that shows its boundaries and streets, sponsored by local businesses; a photo inventory of Glen Cove’s historical markers; a program from the Morgan Park Summer 2018 Music Series and Downtown Sounds 2018 program; a transportation time table for the LIRR; a city newsletter; coins from 2018 (a nickel and a penny); and letters from Mayor Tim Tenke and Nieri.


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