Glen Cove Record Pilot Celebrating A Century

In 1935, the Glen Cove Echo was celebrating its 60th anniversary; Bell and Halpern was the place for gifts 25 years ago; Glen Cove Echo cover from 1924

A lot of changes have taken place over the past century, but one thing has remained constant: the local newspaper. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Glen Cove Record Pilot, a newspaper that has been around to deliver local news since before Glen Cove became incorporated as a city 99 years ago. While the paper has gone through several incarnations over the years, from The Glen Cove Echo to the Glen Cove Record and Pilot, the fact that it has been serving the community on a weekly basis has not changed.

Looking through the archives, it’s also clear that many of the topics that were important to residents over the years—city government, school budgets, high school athletes, concerts at Morgan Park, growth and development—are still what readers want to learn about today. The paper has covered city government, school news and crime while also celebrating births, engagements, graduations and spotlighting any other big stories. Even this issue highlights the significance that history plays in this city: the Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Development is celebrating 180 years; Dr. Millie DeRiggi was recently honored with a trailblazer award; and local students from both Glen Cove and North Shore continue to shine, athletically and artistically, as featured on the sports pages and the “What’s Going On” cover.

Our anniversary issue will come out on July 19 and for the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at some older cover stories, advertisements and sports stories to celebrate this milestone. For the celebratory issue, readers can expect historical features and guest columns. Glen Cove has a long, rich history, which dates back nearly 350 years since its founding; we’re proud to say that we’ve been on hand to cover all major events in the time Glen Cove has been a city.

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