Glen Cove Schools Celebrate MLK In 38th Annual March


Students, teachers, and parents thanked by Dr. King’s daughter for continuing to spread her father’s message

The march concluded at Finley Middle School where participants took a group photo. (Contributed by Glen Cove City School District)

Glen Cove students, residents, and family members came together to march in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. in partnership with The Glen Cove Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission. The march, held ahead of time to be videotaped for viewing during the virtual City of Glen Cove Annual Dr. King Program, began at First Baptist Church and concluded at Finley Middle School.

The event, organized by Sheryl Goodine, former Glen Cove High School assistant principal, serves as an opportunity to show students the importance of remembering history and uniting together as we continue to make progress towards Dr. King’s dream of racial equality. Bernice King, the daughter of Dr. King,  acknowledged and thanked the students, parents and teachers of the Glen Cove City School District for continuing to spread Dr. King’s message via a tweet in response to a post made by Dr. Sheena Jacob, the District’s coordinator for social studies K-12.

Dr.  Jacob continues to work collaboratively with Ms. Goodine to ensure her family’s inspiring story is shared with Glen Cove students for years to come. Goodine, who grew up in Glen Cove, attended the South School, which at that time was nearly exclusively made up of black children. Jimmy Davis, her father, thought that segregated schools had no place in Glen Cove and sued the school system and was successful.

The Glen Cove City School District continues to support Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message that emphasizes the importance of caring about others and treating everyone equally.

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