Glen Cove Turns 100 In Style

Glen Cove’s oldest businesses were recognized at the 100th birthday celebration, including Charles of Glen Cove, Dodge-Thomas Funeral Home, Glen Cove Hospital, the Glen Cove Record Pilot, Glen Floors, Henry’s Confectionery, Maccarone Plumbing and Stevenson Printing. (Photo by Tab Hauser)

Glen Cove knows how to throw itself a party, and this is only the beginning. On Jan. 5, Glen Cove marked its 100th anniversary of being incorporated as a city with a celebration at the Glen Cove Mansion. Though the air outside was frigid and the snow was deep, more than 150 people came out to celebrate the milestone with food, drinks, music and dancing in the company of others proud of the city’s accomplishments.

The event was organized by the GC350/100 Committee and chaired by Maureen Hauser. During the party, 15 local businesses were honored for serving the community for 75 years or longer. Hauser noted they were originally only going to go back 25 years or so, then realized there are many businesses that have been here for at least that long. Finding 15 with such longevity is rare and worthy of special recognition. She and Mayor Tim Tenke presented each of the businesses with a citation from the city and a plaque from the committee, thanking them for their commitment to the community. These businesses are Landing Bakery, Dodge-Thomas Funeral Home, The Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club, Southridge Deli, Stevenson Printing, Glen Floors, CAP Auto Parts, London Jewelers, Charles of Glen Cove, Northwell Health Glen Cove Hospital, Henry’s Confectionery, McLaughlin Kramer Megiel Funeral Home, Maccarone Plumbing, Covac Vacuums and the Glen Cove Record Pilot/Anton Media Group.

Photographer Tab Hauser stands with the original photo of the first Glen Cove City Council (right) and the photo reenactment 100 years later (left).

At the party, a timeline of Glen Cove’s history dating back to its founding in 1668 was unveiled. The history committee worked hard to put it together, and it will travel around Glen Cove—to the schools, the library, city hall and the North Shore Historical Museum prior to the next big celebration in May—the 350th anniversary party. Over Memorial Day weekend, numerous festivities are planned, including a family picnic at Morgan Park, an Old-Timer Baseball Game, a two-day street festival and a parade. The celebration kicks off on Wednesday, May 23. Visit for more information.

Also unveiled at the party was a photo reenactment of the first Glen Cove City Council, taken by Tab Hauser earlier that day at North Shore Historical Museum, which was the first City Hall.

The buzz around this landmark anniversary has caught some national attention—Glen Cove was named one of the top travel destinations of 2018 by On the web site’s annual report of 18 top cities to visit in the United States this year, Glen Cove was named number two, right after New Orleans. While it’s hard to imagine flocks of tourists swarming to Glen Cove, the celebrations present the perfect opportunity for residents to come together and take pride in our community.

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