Glen Cove’s Garage Sale Guidelines


Summer time is one of the prime times for weekend garage and yard sales as Glen Cove residents use the opportunity to clean and declutter their homes and make a little extra money.
“Everyone loves an opportunity to purge unwanted home items, but not everyone is aware that in order to host a sale on their property, a permit must be secured from the Glen Cove City Clerk’s office,” said Glen Cove Police Department deputy chief and code enforcement administrator Chris Ortiz. “One of the other important rules is that people cannot post sale signs on public property. Each weekend our code enforcement officer collects at least 50 signs that are illegally posted on poles, at intersections and on city property as they pose a public safety issue by blocking driving site lines.”

GarageSale_080316ASo before residents post their garage sale signs and put tables out in the driveway, Glen Cove’s Code Enforcement team wants to remind residents about the importance of following the city’s guidelines for garage and yard sales.

• All sales on private property require a permit from the City of Glen Cove’s City Clerk’s office. The office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and is located on the third floor of Glen Cove City Hall, 9 Glen St. Permits cost $15 (cash or money order) and only one private sale is permitted every six months. If an individual is renting their home, the owner of the property must sign the permit.

• Garage sale signs are only allowed on private property and cannot be posted on public property (e.g., city property and utility poles). Instead, residents are encouraged to promote their sale on Facebook, Craig’s List and with permission, at local supermarket and laundry mat bulletin boards.

• Residents not complying with these guidelines may be subject to a summons and penalties.

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