Graffiti Arrest In Glen Cove


The Glen Cove Police became aware in April that someone was painting graffiti in various locations throughout Glen Cove. These locations included School Street, Pulaski Street, Glen Cove High School, Welwyn Preserve, Newwoods Road, Roosevelt Street, Brewster Street, and the new RXR construction on Garvies Point Road.

All of this graffiti was tied together because it all contained the word “OSHKA”. The graffiti was painted in different colors and sizes. Glen Cove Police Officers Roberto Telese, Alexandra DiGregorio and Detective Steven Grella investigated the graffiti incidents. On Thursday, June 3, Glen Cove Police arrested and charged an 18 year old Glen Cove youth with 10 counts of Making Graffiti. The 18 year old was released on an appearance ticket to return to Glen Cove Court later this month.

“ The investigation by the Glen Cove Police Department led to the identification and arrest of this individual. This arrest should prevent additional acts of this type of graffiti from occurring in the Glen Cove area.”

-Submitted by the Glen Cove Police Department


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