In Support Of Richard Galati


My name is Michael Russo and I am currently a senior at North Shore High School. I am asking for the community’s support for Mr. Richard Galati as Trustee of North Shore School District.

Although I did not have the privilege of having Mr. Galati in class at North Shore, I have been working closely with him to prepare for both the Physics Regents and for the AP Physics Mechanics exam. He conveys the course material clearly and concisely. He is truly a masterful teacher, but more than that, he is a good, decent and kind person.

In working one-on-one with Mr. Galati, I have gotten to know him as a person. He is a highly ethical and moral person and one of the most intelligent people that I have ever met. He has tutored countless students at no cost. He will go to the ends of the earth to help a student who wishes to succeed.

I have heard that some people are saying unkind and untrue things about Mr. Galati. All I know is that Mr. Galati understands what it takes to help a student succeed at North Shore.  His four children all attended North Shore and are highly successful adults. He knows the school district from both the perspective of a parent and of a teacher. I cannot imagine that there is anyone who is more qualified to serve on the Board of Education than my friend, Richard Galati.

Please support Mr. Galati on May 16.

Michael Russo

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