Keep ‘Glen Cove’ In The Glen Cove Y


This letter is a continuation of my previous letter, regarding fundraising and revenue incomes of the Glen Cove YMCA. Specifically, that letter reviewed where the approximate $1 million per year goes in order for the Glen Cove branch to be a YMCA. The reason for concern is that the leased land is supposed to be used, in perpetuity, for the educational and recreational purposes of Glen Cove and its surrounding communities. Unfortunately, in the past two years, a lot of the money is being re-directed out of our area by the parent organization, the YMCA of Long Island.

Besides the obvious, who else is unexpectedly being adversely impacted?

• Campers: now gone is the “thermometer” camp scholarship campaign which brought in a good $100,000 per year. Corporate encouraged us to get away from direct fundraising which used to stay with our site, and then asked us to double our fundraising efforts for general contributions. This season, they ran a new local campaign which likely only had enough funds to send fewer campers-in-need to camp. This is another way of diverting donation money from local use to corporate use.

• Other Y branches: this could happen to you. But Y-GC is the only branch that can do something about this because Y-GC is the only branch where the property and buildings are not owned by Y-LI!

And they don’t have to pay rent!

And all renovations, capital improvements and day-to-day management came from donations, daily income, or loans (which were all paid back in full by Y-GC from reserve accounts that Y-GC funded in the first place!). They didn’t “give” us $8 million over the years for renovations as their new, high-priced Manhattan PR firm is trying to make you believe (they were hired shortly after the board-firing debacle to spin the board’s complaints). Likewise, the $1 million renovation that the Y is claiming they are planning is not coming from them—it will come from operations, donations and the same above-mentioned building reserve account that we pay into annually.

Think about all this money being taken out of Glen Cove. What will it be going for? Besides exorbitant corporate costs, it seems they want to franchise out and build more Y’s so they can make even more profit. This property should be used to assist our community first.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Y-LI is about what is best for Glen Cove and its neighbors anymore—it seems they are more concerned with retaining the approximate $1 million.

“Let’s Keep the Glen Cove in the Glen Cove Y!”

—Dr. Eve Lupenko

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