Keep The Y In Glen Cove


I read Dr. Eve Lupenko’s letters dated March 11and April 1.

While I appreciate her service I believe that there is a very real possibility that Glen Cove will lose the Y. And the question is why? The Y has provided 60 years of service to our community and its lease has been renewed without opposition until now. Why the opposition to this great asset in our community?

I spent a great deal of time speaking with the Y’s management and a current board member and realized that the GC Y offers much more to this community than I realized. The following are just some of the contributions the Y provides to our community:

•    The Y employs 238 people, 178 of these employees are local.
•    The Y serves 6,000 members; approximately 50 percent are from Glen Cove, while the remainder are from Sea Cliff, Glen Head, Locust Valley and other local communities.
•    The YMCA of LI invested $7.5 million in the Y property
•    Last year the GC Y distributed $133,000 in financial assistance to those in need. The LI Y provided $23,000 of this amount because of a shortfall in fundraising
•    The Y expanded its Free Friday Night pre-teen program to 150 (from 60) last October and also continued to provide the Saturday Night Teen program (serving 125)
•    Last October the Y expanded outreach to teens (primarily from the high school) to provide free use of the Y on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
•    The GC Y preschool program continues to serve approximately 180 children
•    The GC Y collaborates with the Boys and Girls Club to provide swim lessons at the Y
•    The Y is collaborating with the Glen Cove Hospital on a Healthy Eating Project started in September 2014
•    The Y of LI is planning to invest 1 million dollars in renovations as soon as the lease is signed.
•    The GC Y provides 55 instructor-led classes each week to its members
•    The constant traffic of GC Y members to and from the Y provides additional revenue to local businesses

And on a personal note I greatly appreciate that the Y expanded its Pickleball hours to provide one of the few locations on the North Shore where members can participate in this fast growing sport.

The phrase “Keep the Glen Cove in the Glen Cove Y” mentioned in Dr. Lupenko’s letters, in the former GC Y board members letter to the LI Y, and by one local politician I spoke to is very catchy as a bumper sticker but meaningless if the GC Y’s landlord (the Glen Cove Neighborhood Association) is encouraged by some in the community not to renew the lease. I believe the people who are actively working against the lease renewal are doing a great disservice to the current Y membership, the residents of Glen Cove and neighboring communities and local businesses.

Everyone in our city and surrounding communities should face reality and do everything possible to get the lease renewed and  “Keep the Y in Glen Cove.”  I am sure that there are many other towns on Long Island who would be happy to welcome the Y if we don’t act.

Ron Menzel
Glen Cove


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