Kindness Marks Unity Day in Locust Valley Elementary Schools

Locust Valley Intermediate School students drew positive messages in chalk outside the school.

Elementary school students throughout the district marked Unity Day on Oct. 21 by focusing on kindness, acceptance and inclusion. At all four schools, students created rainbow colored messages of kindness in chalk. Sidewalks and driveways were covered with words of encouragement including “Be Kind,” “Peace,” and “Smile.”

Bayville Primary and Bayville Intermediate School students also created a unity chain, with each student creating a drawing or positive message on one link. Locust Valley Elementary School students wore orange wrist bands supporting the theme of the day.

Dressed in orange, the color of Unity Day 2020, students shared ways in which they could be inclusive and kind. They made suggestions such as asking someone to sit with them at lunch, giving a compliment and sharing. They also focused on ensuring that these behaviors are practiced every day, not just on Unity Day.

Special thanks to Bayville Elementary School counselor Jessica Colombini and Locust Valley Elementary School counselor Allison Warfield, who worked with the school psychologists Melissa Furino, Caitlin Krauszer, Lisa Morris and Alexis Provetto to spread the positive Unity Day messages and organize the kindness in chalk activities.

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