Letter: Misguided Voter’s Guide


I find it a disservice for the Glen Cove Record Pilot to exclude the other party candidates for governor, attorney general and comptroller out of the voter’s guide. The voter’s guide only included the major two party candidates for these statewide offices. The parties left out included, Green Party, Libertarian and Serve America Movement candidates. I find this to be a problem because the voters have a right to make an informed decision about who they want to vote for. Also, because of the low voter turnout rate in the last couple of years, if they included the other candidates on the ballot it would give voters more choices to vote for and increase voter turnout rates.

These candidates are just as qualified to run for public office in the media should not have left them out of the guide deliberately. These candidates included Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate, Larry Sharpe, the Libertarian candidate, and Stephanie Miner, the Serve America Movement candidate for governor.

Every four years the New York State election laws require that every gubernatorial line in an election must receive 50,000-plus votes to maintain ballot status or receive ballot status if they are a new party. The moral of the story is that if we have uniformed voters, there may be fewer voters and parties can lose ballot status. If they do not have ballot status it makes it difficult to acquire signatures because they have to get up to ten times the amount of signatures as other ballot recognized parties. The end result is that it makes it more difficult for these parties to get local candidates on the ballot to spread their message.

—Jeffery Peress

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