Letter To The Editor: Vote In The North Shore BOE Election


We are certainly living in an unprecedented time right now which is causing us to operate in ways we are not accustomed to and may be uncomfortable with. Each year, in May, we are asked to vote on our school budget and to elect Trustees to serve on our Board of Education. In this unique year, we are still asked to do the same thing, but not at the same time and not in the same way. Voting will be by mail and ballots have been sent to our homes. Completed ballots must be returned to Central Office, 112 Franklin Ave. in Sea Cliff on or before 5pm on June 9.

Make sure your vote is counted by returning your ballot to approve the budget, use of capital reserve funds and elect your School Board Trustees before June 9. Eencourage all eligible voters in your home to do the same. Now more than ever, our schools will be challenged with making financial and program decisions that may dramatically impact the education North Shore students and the North Shore community have come to expect and until now, may have taken for granted.

Having served on our Board of Education for 12 years (2002-14), I understand the challenges schools face in preparing their budgets and the limited options they have when it comes to scaling back costs.  I also understand the importance of having diverse voices on the Board so that all constituencies may be represented when those difficult choices are made.

Our current Board consists of many talented volunteers.  We have Trustees who own and operate their own businesses and who are experienced in finance and education.  They are invested in both our community and our schools as they are taxpayers and most have children who have graduated from or will soon be graduating from our schools.

What our Board is missing is a Trustee who has young children in our schools – one who has a current understanding of the needs of the youngest members of our community – our elementary students. I will be voting for Andrea Macari this year and I ask that you do the same. As a graduate of our schools, Andrea understands the values and traditions unique to our district that have resulted in the North Shore Schools consistently being ranked amongst the best in the nation. As a parent of a young child enrolled in our schools, she is vested in the effects current decisions will have on the long-term opportunities for our students. As a taxpayer she is as concerned as we all are about the fiscal impact external factors will have on each of us and our ability to fund our schools.

At this critical juncture, I believe Andrea Macari is a necessary addition to our School Board. She is uniquely qualified. She is not just a graduate, a parent and a taxpayer.  Professionally, she runs her own clinical practice dedicated to the mental health and well-being of children (and adults). She is an active member of our school community serving on the District’s Strategic Planning Committee, the District’s Legislative Action Committee (LAC), the District’s STEM task force and Glen Head Elementary School’s Shared Decision-Making Committee. Andrea has already proven her dedication to our schools and our community.

Please join me in voting for Andrea Macari for North Shore School Board Trustee.

-Amy Beyer

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