Locust Valley’s Grenville Boys and Girls Club improves its clubhouse


In mid 2019, Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club began construction to expand and improve its Clubhouse and to provide a diverse mix of recreational and educational spaces to foster wellness and promote success for all kids. In conceptualizing the renovation, the Club’s architect, builders, staff and young members all weighed in on the kinds of settings and design elements that excite kids, nurture positive social and educational interactions, and encourage continued Club involvement over time. With work well underway, the projected completion date is January 2021.

“This couldn’t come at a more opportune time,” Ray Reyes, executive director, said. “With the COVID shutdown and all it has meant for our children and teens, the need for our programs has never been greater.”

Before the pause, the construction crew had made substantial progress on the project, though much of it was structural and not always visible from the street. All concrete slabs had been poured and all structural steel and foundation work completed. Retaining walls, storm drains and leaching pools were put in place and the new septic system, underground piping, and upgraded gas and electric had been installed. Mechanical, sprinkler and fire alarm systems were also installed. The exterior work had begun on the front and rear additions and the framing of interior walls was in progress.

Since returning to work, the crew has completed the framing for the 8,000 sq. ft. rear addition and the 1,000 sq. ft. front addition. They have roughed in the interior electrical and plumbing. The new HVAC unit and the ductwork have been installed. The interior framing and sheetrock have begun. Excavation of the new parking lot is under way.

“Our renovated clubhouse will incorporate natural light, sustainable materials and an inviting aesthetic to create a welcoming space for our community’s children. But beyond the newness of steel beams and safety features is the promise of new possibilities for our kids,” Reyes said. The modern facility will provide traditional and non-traditional learning spaces and multi-purpose facilities for recreation, athletics, gathering and play. There will be a dedicated space for the youngest members, studios for art and dance, a public meeting room, and new teen and tween centers for middle and high school students. There will be tutoring and quiet learning spaces, digital media and technology labs, dining and gathering spaces, and a teaching kitchen. ”Ultimately, there will be a special place for everyone,” Reyes said.

Residenst are welcome to schedule a hard hat tour. For more information, contact Ray Reyes at 516-759-5437 ext. 217 or

—Submitted by the Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club

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