Loggia Glen Cove No. 1016 Display Souvenirs From Italy Trips


Every year the Loggia Glen Cove No. 1016 creates an Italian Culture Exhibit at the Locust Valley library. The members of the Lodge donate articles that they have obtained on trips to Italy over the years and exhibit them in the library showcase. The artifacts are a way for the Lodge to show off Italian culture and educate library patrons.

This year, members donated an assortment of items like different vases, an assortment of plates from different parts of the country, an Italian coffee maker appliance, informational pamphlets for different cities in Italy and even a picture of the famed Mona Lisa painting. The exhibit is part of Italian Culture Month and the items will be on display for the month of October.

—Submitted by Loggia Glen Cove No. 1016

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