LTR To The Editor: Is It April Fools Day?


The City of Glen Cove 2021 budget was completed with minimal transparency and minimal attempt to save jobs. The Mayor literally would not consider any cost savings alternatives offered by at least two councilmembers. The current administration had to make “tough decisions” so they took the easy way out. Lay off dedicated employees, decrease services and raise taxes.

So the budget was approved and final on Oct. 27, 2020. After a brutal year that has impacted each of us to varying degrees—loss of loved ones, loss of employment, families struggling with remote learning, and dashed opportunities—then we get hit with a tremendous 8 percent tax increase.

Oh, but there is apparently one shining bright spot in all this gloom—the unqualified department head of the Glen Cove Youth Bureau can celebrate a 50 percent raise.

I understood the restructuring of the Parks & Recreation Department was intended to save the city money. However, the City Council is voted on Dec. 22 to increase the Director of Youth Bureau’s salary another $20,000 in addition to the $18,000 increase in the approved budget. Why would this occur after the budget was final?

My concern is compounded by the confusion of giving one employee, untested in the role, a 50 percent raise that is the equivalent of a laborer that lost his job during the 2021 budget process! This is simply not fair nor fiscally responsible.

If this Administration is allowed to keep adding expenses how can the 2021 budget be balanced? Yet it sailed through pre-council with no objection—even from the self-appointed fiscal watchdog Councilperson Silverman. Perhaps waiting for a bigger audience? The taxpayers of Glen Cove are not fools and we deserve better.

—Barbara Peebles

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