Making Waves At The Senior Center

Ilene Moore and artist Fred Moore at the Making Waves exhibit at the Glen Cove Senior Center. (Contributed photo)

Local artist Fred Moore encourages people to come visit the Glen Cove Senior Center, where his exhibit Making Waves has been on display since Sept. 5. Moore, with the help of his wife, Ilene, has garnered great success from his collection, inspired by Asian calligraphic styles.

“The Great Wave Off Kanagawa,” a famous woodcut by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai, and the ocean, seen from taking walks with his wife, were the specific inspiration behind Moore’s most recent collection.

“The pieces are something you should see up close,” Moore explains. “I use sand and other elements to bring texture to my work, and it isn’t something you can fully experience from looking at a picture.”

In this collection, Moore mainly combines blues, greens and white with occasional splashes of warmer or other colors. His art features differing brush strokes, textures and elements that create a strong visual appeal.

The art gallery also serves as a fundraiser for the Glen Cove Senior Activity Generational Endowment Foundation, which helps obtain government grants for the senior center.
The now Glen Cove dweller, grew up in Harlem and lived in various places throughout his life. Moore has had many differing jobs throughout his lifetime, from being a campus security guard at Pratt University to serving as the Minority Business Enterprise Equal Employment and Affirmative Action Officer for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). However, he has always come back to art.

“I started drawing because I thought I could do better than my sister when we were younger,” Moore said. She was drawing and I wanted to make a competition out of it, and it’s something I realized I was good at and developed a passion for as I got older.”
Moore’s job with the EPA brought him to Glen Cove, where he settled down with his wife Ilene to raise their two kids. Due to his commitment to art and this community, Moore helped found the Hempstead Harbor Artists’ Association (HHAA), where he served as vice president from 1983 to 2000.

Today, the HHAA is dedicated to showcasing art from other Nassau County and Glen Cove residents.

With more than 50 years of experience, art is one of Moore’s lifelong passions. Over the years Moore has gained inspiration from the places his lived as well as his life experiences.
“It is hard to label a piece as my favorite, I’ve been creating for so long, and all my art means something to me,” Moore shares about his art. “I could say I like something about each piece or collection, but I don’t think I can specifically choose any one thing as the best or my favorite,” Moore shares about his art.

The Making Waves gallery will be on display until Oct. 25 at the Glen Cove Senior Center located at 130 Glen St., Glen Cove.

Courtney Shapiro is a contributing writer for Anton Media Group.

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