Marcellinos Looking Forward To New Careers

Patricia and Senator Carl Marcellino, at a Rotary meeting at Angelina’s Restaurant in East Norwich.

Retirement is a great time to explore new avenues of work. That is the case for Patricia and Senator Carl Marcellino. He ended his term of office representing the Fifth New York State Senate District, on Dec. 31, 2018. Jim Gaughran was inducted into office on Jan. 6.

“He is using the same office as Senator Marcellino, in Townsend Square, where Carl still has a small space,” said Patricia.

Patricia Marcellino is an Adelphi University Professor Emeritus, a position that leaves her options open. Carl too, is receptive to offers to do something new, as he considers his options in public service, including, those with ties to Rotary, as a 30-year member, and as a member of the Sons of Italy.

The couple, with their educational backgrounds and political savvy, should continue to have interesting lives. Her new career is already a fact. She has written two books for youth and is on to her third. Her books are educational with a flair, providing governmental knowledge using modern technology.

When Senator Carl Marcellino began his almost 25 years of traveling to Albany, in 1995, Patricia, who already had an MBA, enrolled in college to get her doctorate in education.

“I taught teachers how to become principals and principals to become superintendents. I was also the Associate Dean of the School of Education.”

That work, in studying leadership, and talking to women about it, she found that they rarely thought of themselves as leaders.

“A lot of my research is gender-wise. Growing up we never thought about ourselves as leaders. Also, most of books geared for leadership have a male as the leader.”

Her first book written with Dr. Dolores T. Barton, A Story of Courage: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, is about a woman who is a leader in her profession. The Florida Authors and Publisher’s Association awarded Patricia Pamplon Marcellino a Silver Medal in the category of Children’s Non Fiction for the book.

A Story of Courage uses modern technology to get in touch with its readers. It is available on Amazon as a chapter book and as an e-book with or without audio that can be downloaded to your PC or Kindle.

This second book takes on the issue of how many women feel about leadership. I Don’t Want To Be A Leader: Or Do I? is in a sense, two books in one. It tells the story about a young girl, asked by her teacher to run for the office of class president. Her initial reaction is “No”! Ashlee does not “want to be a leader,” nor does she “want to be in charge.” Her teacher, Mr. Carlson, suggests she think it over, and talk to family and friends. Nanny, her very modern grandmother urges her to run, in talks by text, cell phone and face to face, that win or lose, she will learn from it and might even enjoy it. In preparation she learns about the lives of successful women and men leaders; how to run a campaign; and lots about the working of government.

This is the second underlying story in the book, an education in how government runs. Best of all as an e-book. Patricia, a modern grandmother herself, understands how the younger generation learns: through their hand held devices. The book is a research tool for understanding today’s world of government. It’s good for first time voters, immigrants and adults, who want a refresher. The book is linked to the National Literacy and Social Studies Standards.

The Senator, with a master’s degree in biological science, 20 years in education, seven as the Oyster Bay Town Clerk, 25 years as Senator, and who obtained state funding to purchase the five-acres of waterfront property whose future was determined by the Oyster Bay Western Waterfront Committee, which he chaired, has much to recommend him for any of his future aspirations.

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