Math Refusals Increased


The push to refuse state tests for students in grades in 3 to 8 continued last week and has been gaining momentum, as evidenced by the number of “opt outs” for both the ELA and math exams. In North Shore and Locust Valley schools, 40 percent of eligible students opted out of the exams and in Glen Cove a total of 38.3 percent (542 students) chose not to take the math tests last week. That number was up from 398 students who refused the ELA exams.

“I chose to opt my 11-year-old out of the tests because personal and district wide letter writing campaigns against Cuomo’s budget proved unsuccessful,” said North Shore parent Heather Snyder.

“I feel that my children are at risk of being deprived of the love of learning and our dedicated teachers are at risk of being deprived of the love of teaching.”

The state tests are required by the federal government and if a school has less than 95 percent of its students participating in the assessments, the school could lose significant federal funding, according to Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch.

“I believe that test refusal is a terrible mistake because it eliminates important information about how our kids are doing,” said Tisch.

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