New Fire Department Officers Sworn In

Mayor Tim Tenke (center) is joined by Glen Cove City Council members to thank GCVFD Chief Philip Grella Jr. for his outstanding service to the City of Glen Cove.

The Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department (GCVFD) hosted its annual installation dinner at the Crescent Club on Jan. 13. GCVFD Chief Robert Marino welcomed department members, their families and distinguished guests while Ex-Chief Michael J. Maher moderated the festivities. Mayor Timothy Tenke conducted the swearing in of the officers for each of the GCVFD’s four companies, the Fire Police Unit and the Rescue Squad.

“I wish to extend a note of gratitude to the membership for electing me as chief of the department and for the next two years I will work with my three assistant chiefs to maintain the high quality of standards and leadership that have been the hallmark of each and every chief over the department’s 180-plus-year-old history,” said Marino.

Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department’s chief of the department Robert Marino presents a plaque to outgoing Chief Philip Grella Jr. and is joined by third assistant chief Christopher J. Valeo, first assistant chief Marvin Tate Sr. and second assistant chief Robert Retoske (Photos by Sean Basdavanos)

“The city owes a great debt of gratitude to our volunteer fire department as each time the horn sounds you voluntarily put your lives on the line for the safety of our community,” said Tenke. “I wish to congratulate Chief Robert Marino as he takes the helm as chief of the department and thank outgoing Chief Philip Grella Jr. for his outstanding service to the Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department.”

In addition to Marino, the fire department officers include first assistant chief Marvin Tate Sr.; second assistant chief Robert S. Retoske and third assistant chief Christopher J. Valeo. The corresponding secretary is ex-chief William Basdavanos; recording secretary is captain Justin M. Valeo; and treasurer is Robert Sujeski Sr.

The officers of Chemical Engine Company No. 1 are: captain Justin M. Valeo; first lieutenant Michael Capobianco III; second lieutenant Rafal Haluch; secretary Roni Epstein; treasurer ex-chief Anthony J. Tripp and fire commissioner and Thomas Underhill.

Hook & Ladder Company No. 1 officers are: captain Thomas Duffy; first lieutenant Lisa Wellenreuther; second lieutenant: Michael Mienko; secretary Michael Glidden; treasurer Andrew Graf Sr. and fire commissioner Robert Budzenski.

Pacific Engine & Hose Company No. 1 officers are: captain Peter Solomito; first lieutenant Eugene McGuire Jr.; second lieutenant Daniel Greenfield; secretary Joseph Morales; treasurer Robert J. Sujeski and fire commissioner Theodore Valeo Jr.

The officers in Engine & Hose Company No. 4 are: captain Michael Capobianco Jr.; first lieutenant Bob Citko; second lieutenant Vincent Melillo; secretary Pericles Averopoulos; treasurer Robert Petrucci and the fire commissioner is ex-chief Michael J. Maher.
The Fire Police Unit captain is Michael J. MacMenamie, with first officer Jeffrey Jackson, second officer Vincent Martinez Sr., third officer Karl Van Allen and secretary Allan F. LaMere

Rescue Squad first officer is Peter Solomito; second officer is Andrew Melillo, third officer is Rafal Haluch and secretary is Pericles Averopoulos.

—Submitted by the City of Glen Cove

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