New Program Director


Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club recently announced the appointment of Jackie Telleria as program director, overseeing the club’s overall program and staff serving youth ages 6 to 18.

The club’s core program areas include education and career development; the arts; health and life skills; character and leadership development; and sports, fitness and recreation.

Jackie Telleria

Before joining Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club, Telleria held the position of director of social recreation at Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club, where she was also once a club member. Telleria joined Grenville Baker as a member at the age of 12 and through the years went from being a participant of programs to facilitating programs.

Her first official position at the club was as an ESL assistant during her junior year at Locust Valley High School. Soon after that she took on the role of front desk assistant. She was promoted to director of membership services and then to director of social recreation, a position she held for three years before joining Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club.

“I am thrilled to be working at the Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club. This club is truly a family and I have been welcomed with open arms into this family,” said Telleria, who chose to pursue a career in the Boys & Girls movement because of her own personal experiences. “Being a part of a Boys & Girls Club was so important to me during my formative years that I too wanted to be a constructive role model and make a positive impact on our youth.”

She continued: “I am grateful to the group leaders and mentors I had as a youth, especially to Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club associate director Marc Bilbrey, who provided the guidance I needed and was instrumental in helping me to choose this path. Also, as an ESL assistant, I saw firsthand how important the club is to our youth. We had kids who could not speak English when they first joined us and now these kids are heading off to college. That’s the impact the club had on these kids.”

“We are thrilled to have Jackie undertake the role of program director,” said executive director Franca Trunzo. “Jackie is extremely dedicated to the club, I know that she will be a wonderful addition to our club family and a thoughtful leader to our kids.”

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