North Shore HS Student Helps To Celebrate The Class Of 2020


After seeing her friends from other schools announce their college decisions on Instagram, Summer Knoell, a student at North Shore High School in Glen Head, decided to take it upon herself to help congratulate her fellow classmates. Knoell created the Instagram page ns.2020.commit, a page dedicated to the students in the graduating class of 2020.

“I feel for every single senior at our school and I felt like we should all have our moment to be congratulated so making an Instagram dedication page just felt like the right thing to do,” Knoell said.

Knoell began creating the photos for the Instagram page by starting with a blank canvas. She asked each senior to send her a photo of their choice as well as information on what the college they are attending in the fall, what they are planning to major in, and if they are participating in any sports. Each post takes about 3 to 5 minutes to create and Knoell uses a variety of apps and editing tools to make each post look the best it can be. The page currently has 263 followers, and is filled with positive comments and congratulations under each of the 134 posts. Since the page was created on May 1, Knoell has gotten many words of encouragement from people in the school community.

“I have gotten such amazing feedback from not only the students, but so many teachers and parents as well,” she said. “Everyone was so happy and thankful that we all had our moment of celebration. It feels so special to be able to make so many people happy and uplift them in a time like this. Everyone has so many things being taken away from them, so to be able to give something back is an amazing feeling.”

North Shore High School has made the decision to hold both a graduation ceremony and a prom for the class of 2020 in the near future, something that Knoell says the students are beyond thankful for.

“To be a graduating senior during this time is bittersweet,” Knoell said. “I love all of my classmates so much. To have so many events taken away from us out of our school’s control is heartbreaking. We have all worked so hard for these past 3.5 years that it almost feels like it was for nothing, but North Shore Schools have made amazing actions to make sure we all still have our graduation and prom rescheduled for a later date. Even though we can’t finish the school year together and have all the events that were planned, it’s an amazing feeling to know that we did it.”

The North Shore HS class of 2020 student government has also been helping to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating class.

“They have made a decision day video where each student makes a short 15-second clip of them doing something related to their major and then waving at the camera, making a collage of the videos and sending it to all the families and students,” Knoell said.
Knoell really stresses the importance of giving back and taking action in a positive way during this time, which is difficult for many.

“You really don’t know what or how bad people are struggling in a time like this,” she said. “One simple post or action goes a long way and it just reminds everyone we can do this. We are strong and will get through it together.”

To view Knoell’s Instagram page celebrating the graduating seniors of North School High School, visit Instagram @ns.2020.commit.

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